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Top 5 Must-Have Woodworking Power Tools of 2017

Some people love to do the woodwork around their home all by themselves. There is an immense joy to them when they sit with their tools and create wooden goodies. With the holiday season coming up and this just means a lot of time on hand for crafting beauties out of wood, many would start looking for getting their supplies ready for making their bench, their table or probably their center table or study desk. Such craftwork only means the requirement for superb quality woodworking power tools, like portable jointers, routers and more. Many people who have friends involved in woodwork can even try to bestow these tools upon their friends as a kit.

Whatever be the reason, we can check the top five must-haves in the woodworking power toolkit this year. A few brands have come up with smart solutions for those who search for quality products.

1. Routercompact-wood-router

If you are a beginner, then a stationary variety of Router is ideal for you that help in hollowing out wood. Otherwise, if you are a professional-level wood artiste, then you can try the plunge router with over two horsepower for the speed and the ease of letting you do the work in speed.

2. Portable Jointerjointer_ryobi2

Benchtop or portable jointer is a tool that many carpenters and woodwork specialists are checking out while going for their toolkit. This jointer is the one that allows them to smooth out the rough or cut surface. The jointer is as vital in woodwork for giving finesse to the sides of a table or chair and gives it a professional look and appeal. You may pick from Top Spiral cutter-head jointer or variable-speed bench jointer to go for getting the polished look for the furniture that you intend to create.

3. Circular SawCircular Saw

If you are just doing small projects, and you have a clear love for portable and handy tools, then the circular saw is the best deal for you. After the portable jointer, a circular saw is a tool that allows you to work anywhere, and you can merely operate it by hand or mount it on the worktable and cut wood. The circular saw allows you to cut small and big lumber with equal ease.

4. Power Drillpower drill

The Cordless option of a power drill is available, but the corded ones are the much more efficient ones. So, go for corded ones if you need more power and more strength while drilling through thick blocks of wood.

5. PlanerPlaner

A planer is ideal and so much necessary for working through any set of wood just so that the wood piece can have a similar thickness on all sides. A small project for a DIY woodworking would surely need a planer.

When you have the list of must-haves as the woodworking power tools, it is just, left for you to go and get these right away. After all, you will have the holiday season coming up soon.

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