6 Best Streaming Software for Live Video Streaming on Twitch

5 Best Streaming Software for Live Video Streaming on Twitch

Twitch is the latest presentation from the Amazon group. This site is getting constant popularity for offering live video game streaming feature allowing gamers and users to create good gaming content and broadcast the same to the world at large. On an estimate, Twitch has around 1.5-million broadcasters and 100-million visitors now.

The most wonderful advantage of Twitch is its best streaming software facility offering every game lover with an opportunity to display their gaming skills and talents to people across the globe. Twitch comes with a first-class gaming console letting you enjoy each adventurous video game and eSports contest without any trouble.

Live video streaming on Twitch

There are several video games streaming apps available on the net for free download. These free software tools allow game enthusiasts to play video games live on Twitch in the presence of a million professional gamers with cutting-edge facilities like chat customization and an enhanced video quality.

Twitch app comes with a loyal user base of more than a million people. Apart from games, users can also participate in various sponsored video events launched by big companies on Twitch. Here are top five popular twitch software-streaming apps.

1) StreamLabs

StreamLabsIt is one of the best streaming software having a lot of highly useful features. It lets you broadcast the game over the net with a greater speed and efficiency. You can also alter colors, layouts, and images using the StreamLabs app. Overall, this live streaming software for PC also facilitates you to set up a donation tab using a few simple steps.

  • Popup notification and other alerts from time to time
  • Fast Processing Speed
  • Enhanced Video quality Resolution
  • Easy User Interface

2) GameShow

GameShowIt is one of the best live streaming software tools. It helps the gamer to create some exhilarating gaming sequences in no time using the app. It keeps the quantum of CPU usage low letting you enjoy longer hours of non-stop gaming without any issue. This app facilitates drag and drops features for better visual experience.

  • Create your customized widgets and templates
  • Add Special logos to each gaming scene for copyright purposes
  • It offers HD recording and easy viewing facility too
  • Connect your video games to YouTube as well for massive views

3) Vmix

VmixIt is another extremely powerful twitch streaming software taking your gaming experience to an ultimate level. You can get access to 3D accelerations without putting any additional pressure on CPU as the usage remains very nominal. You can even live stream HD videos on this app.

  • Support multiple formats
  • Offers 13 attractive transitional effects
  • Offer numerous templates to choose from

4) Open Broadcast Software

Open Broadcast SoftwareOBS (Open Broadcast Software) is a free tool allowing the gamer to record live games in real time at superior quality. OBS is Compatible with several OS including the likes of Mac, Linux, and Windows helping you demonstrate your gaming skills to the entire world in a simple yet effective way.

  • It offers additional tools to rectify colors, images, and live videos.
  • It offers dazzling transition and picture effects for better visibility options.
  • OBS comes with attractive light and dark themes.
  • It ensures recording and broadcasting of the match in a hassle-free manner

5) xSplit Broadcaster

xSplit BroadcasterThis is the best broadcasting software letting you process multiple videos and music file during live streaming on the net. It also helps you synchronize your webcam data with the video streaming.

  • It comes with many plugins for the easy live streaming experience.
  • It offers a lot of video modification options, including high sound fidelity, video editing and content preview options before the actual game.
  • Donation tab can also be set on this software at the convenient place.

Twitch is opening a door of untapped potentials to a large number of gamers that wish to enjoy the real-life thrill and live simulation of the nail-biting games on videos online. Several other apps like IRLTV video streaming and screen stream mirroring have been recently launched to let gamers enjoy various games on iOS and Android devices.

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