How to Clean Camera Mirror

How to Clean Camera Mirror – Ultimate Guidelines

Good cameras are becoming a necessity nowadays. Whether you are having a good phone with some excellent camera features or having a professional digital camera, both are having their own significance in your day to day life. If photography is your hobby or passion, then you must be having a wide range of imagination which you can pour into your creative photography skills.

But, keeping a DSLR camera comes with some responsibilities. It requires your time and efforts. You have to clean it, take care of its batteries, lenses, mirrors, camera flashes and everything! As per our survey, many people (especially the beginners) don’t know how to clean camera mirror! Here in this article, you will get the ultimate guidelines about the overall cleaning of reflex mirror and also how to clean focus screen!

How to clean DSLR mirror?

Now, let’s see how you can clean a reflex mirror. It is not like a regular mirror. You can’t clean it quickly as it is insanely sensitive. There is only one way to do it, and I am going to warn you before relieving that technique that if you do it incorrectly or you apply too much pressure on it, you will scratch your reflex mirror.

  • Your reflex mirror does not affect your images. So if you endeavor to do it, you take it upon your hand. That is why; you should save your cleaning swabs which come in sterile packages. You can use them to clean your sensors.
  • After you clean your sensors, they will be still sterile. I mean it’s not like you are scraping a bunch of dirt off of your sensor. If you are getting so, then you are definitely treating your camera wrong.
  • So, use one sterile, after the methanol dried out. What you should do is; dip it in 70% or 90% rubbing alcohol and then take a clean cotton cloth and then suck all the moisture out of it until it is very lightly damp. Apparently, don’t touch it directly. So it will become a sterile cleaning pad as a photocell cleaning pad.
  • Now, almost with no pressure, you should run it along the mirror. That will leave a very light damp or a minor residue.
  • Then, take a second and notice the cleaning pad which should be completely dry. Nothing should be added to it and then you should immediately, or with the briefest pause possible, rerun along the mirror.

clean dslr mirror

Here you go! It is completely spotless. Like this, you can clean DSLR mirror. Just remember that you have no idea how sensitive the coating is in that mirror. Be careful! It’s also a semi-transparent mirror. You shouldn’t stick your finger to clean camera mirror.

The semi-transparent mirror actually hit the secondary mirror behind it. You should rarely clean them. If you got a bunch of dust on the reflex mirror, don’t worry as it doesn’t affect the image anyway. But if you do this activity, you take this into your own hands.

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