So, Neon Abyss Review – What happens if you mix an Enter the Gungeon- style shooter, some mechanics from The Binding of Isaac, and a slight irony à la Metal Slug? Probably an inter-dimensional rift comes out that sucks up the whole world, but if your lucky, things could be even a little better, and you might be faced with something like Neon Abyss. We do not hide. We say it immediately: it is a derivative title, with many things they already know, and some lack too much, but it is so absurd and funny that you almost risk forgiving everything. So let’s understand what its strengths are in our full review!

Aesthetic Roguelite

Aesthetic-Best PC Games 2021

Neon Abyss is a relatively simple game to describe: it’s a roguelike under acid. It is part of that sub-genre of titles in which the gameplay counts more than everything else, even if everything else is not sacrificed too much. A fundamental factor to appreciate is its aesthetics, and it is precisely from here that we must start to understand it fully. Aesthetic Roguelite is one of the Best PC Games 2021. The developers Veewo Games have inspired by various titles of the ’90s and early 2000 to establish a graphic style that would be nice.

Choosing the pixel art in 2D as a starting and charging it with effects, animation, and modern complications to give her one innovative momentum. What you see at the end of the job is a fresh, colorful, and fun aesthetic aspect. Which surprises and makes you smile when the elements on the screen begin to be very numerous. When you are holding a super-powered weapon, it’s all an anthology of little flyers. Spitting fireballs, unfriendly bears are trying to shoulder a load of you, and glowing shots are coming out of our rifle.

On the other hand, the name Neon Abyss leaves no room for doubt: the neon abyss into which our little character falls is full of enemies but also of many-colored lights, with some references to vaporwave culture or cyberpunk. Not only that, because there is also an incredibly well-chosen sound choice. The central theme that welcomes us from the beginning is a dubstep that pushes big! The sound of guns firing, crates shattering, or enemies biting is exaggerated, toy, absolutely unrealistic. And that’s good news because no part of the game wants to be.

It descends into the abyss.

In the futuristic world of Neon Abyss, Olympus no longer exists. The ancient gods sank into the abyss and turned into gods of consumerism and modernity. For this reason, some small heroes are hired by Hades in the Grim Squad, a company of fierce characters who will have the task of facing and defeating the new Gods, called Supervisors.

What you have to do in Neon Abyss is the classic loop that so many roguelikes have accustomed us to in recent years. Move-in the 2D platform-style environments, destroy everything to the end. If you die, you start all over again. At the beginning of the game, we are in the lobby. Where there are the bar, the dance floor, and several other unique elements, here you can choose your favorite charact


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